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Note: "Unlike Palin's book we have no ghostwriters. And we didn't finish this book in two months either. And everything you read here is the truth." - Bill Dakota

I want to inform the readers of this book that my story is true, that nothing herein has been fabricated. I realize a lot of people will be upset over some of the things they read, but having been an investigative reporter/gossip-writer, these are stories I have uncovered.

I read many biographies of celebrities and used to believe everything I read. I have since learned that many of these books were fabricated in a way to stimulate book sales. When I learned that many writers do this, it appalled me. I bought and read and believed many of their books to try to learn what celebrities were really like. Since many of these celebrities are deceased, some writers feel they can write anything they want without recrimination. And they can and they do. In the beginning I felt that the number of writers who feel free to write in this manner, were very few, and that most writers really searched for the truth. Now I find out that even many celebrities who write their own biographies, or working with ghost writers, fabricate their lives.

I read a book Shelley Winters wrote (her autobiography), and quoting Tony Curtis from his autobiography, Tony states, "I am determined to make this (his) book different. I'm not interested in the Shelley Winters' approach. There's already enough bullshit around to provide fertilizer into the twenty-first century." Well, I am glad Tony could see through Shelley's so called bullshit. I noticed several of her made-up stories and never finished reading her first book, and never bought her second one. Shelley, an actress with a long career, who could have written the truth and satisfied us, felt she had to fabricate stories.

In this book I tell about Elvis Presley's bisexual experiences with actor, Nick Adams. As a writer I had written on Elvis Presley's drug abuse, while he was still alive. I mailed a copy of the story, from my paper, to Graceland. Whether or not he read it, I'll never know. It may have been kept away from him, since he had been upset over a paperback that had been written about him, from one of the Memphis mafia group. The facts of the story were told to me by his uncle, Vester Presley, when I was visiting Graceland and he was a security guard at the front gate. Elvis had gone to Nashville to record. He knew I was coming but I was late by two hours so I gabbed several hours with Vester. Maybe if Elvis had known that the press was on to his drug problems he may have sought out help to save his career from bad publicity and still be alive today. Funny thing, I wasn't publishing a paper at that time. I had just gone to visit him, when I lived in Ohio. It would be a year or maybe a little more, before I started my newspaper and wrote the story.

My Elvis bisexual story ran in the magazine edition of the paper. I can't recall if Elvis was alive at this time or not, but I did send a copy to Graceland. I had caught hell when I printed the drug abuse story and even some of my close friends didn't believe it. The drug facts came out after Elvis died. Most of those close to Elvis, the so called Memphis mafia, now say they too, were using drugs at that time and popped pills along with Elvis. Like father like son....well like "daughter," who has now admitted she had a drug problem in her teens too. In the words of Faron Young, Elvis "lived fast, died young, and left a beautiful memory."

I was a friend of Nick Adams a couple of years after Elvis's career began. Elvis and Nick had been photographed together in Hollywood after Elvis had looked up Nick when he came to Hollywood. Elvis had become a big James Dean fan and had memorized all of Dean's lines from "Rebel Without A Cause." Nick and Natalie Wood had even toured with Elvis. I was at Nick's home, where he was renting above Sunset Strip (near where the Hyatt Regency is today), when he received a phone call from Elvis telling him that his co-star from "Jailhouse Rock," Judy Tyler, had been killed in a car accident outside of Billy the Kid, Wyoming. Elvis was (no pun intended) was all shook up over her accident. Nick explained how he had felt over the death of his best friend James Dean. When Elvis's mother died, he again went to Nick for consolation.

Nick was my closest friend. If he were alive today, would I have written the bisexual story? No, I would not. You don't purposely write things to hurt your friends, even if they are true. But, Nick is gone and it has been so many years, hardly anyone remembers him or "THE REBEL" TV series. Elvis is gone too. There is a public interest in all aspects of Elvis's life. You hardly ever read anything about Elvis's drug abuse, although on the 25th anniversary of his death, the "E" channel did a rather scathing two hour special on "the final days of Elvis Presley," with interviews with the former Memphis mafia.

Geraldo Rivera once tried to get to the facts of Elvis's death and revealed the amounts of pills Elvis had been taking. But, Elvis's autopsy report remains sealed and may never be made public. Other than myself, (when I started this book) no one else had written about Elvis's bisexuality. Yes, it could be an explosive story, although many years have passed since he died and it could be said it was written to sell papers, "and it was." But, it wasn't a made up story. It was based upon fact.

The Robert Mitchum "hustler" story was also printed in the magazine edition of the Hollywood Star. It was a cover story. Bob read the story and in his brother's autobiography, "Those Ornery Mitchum Boys," a full page cover of the magazine was reprinted in his book. Bob knew the story was true. He never sued or threatened to sue. But,the magazine had a limited run of 30,000 copies and very few were sold outside of California. Many people never had the opportunity to read it. I loved Bob Mitchum. He was one of my favorite actors. I miss him on the screen. The main part of the story is what "he was quoted to have said" to many of his friends.

I researched my stories and to this day, I believe everything I had written in my newspaper and magazine were true. I did err on a few things and I did correct it in subsequent issues. I have been called a scurrilous writer. But,"this is my style of writing."

I also review my beginnings in Flint, Michigan and tell of things that happened to me as a youngster. I have publicly "come out of the closet," many years ago. When I exposed bisexual actors and actresses, it wouldn't have been fair to not disclose my sexual identity as well. I hope you enjoy my story and many of my life experiences.

___________Summarizing Hollywood Today!____________

Today, some non-stars get attention by being in pornographic films that get on the Internet and seen around the world. They have money and most have never had a lead in a film. Yet, the Papparazzi chases them around. For some crazy reason, there is a segment of society that keep up on these people. In the past, the studio had contract players and during the fifties there were several movie magazines being sold. Those are mostly gone, as are the contract players. Television has taken over with gossip programs on the networks and even CNN and Fox have Hollywood "entertainment" shows. Ingrid Bergman ("CASABLANCA"), was chastized for getting pregnant out of wedlock. She was blacklisted from making movies here in the states for years. Now-a-days, dozens of celebrities are living together, having children and not married. The public has accepted it, since society itself, seems to be doing the same thing. Celebrites get arrested for drunk driving, or using narcotics and they go straight into Rehab before they even appear in court for the offenses. They pay thousands of dollars for a 30 day stay and then they usually get off with probation. Robert Downey, Jr., was one of the few to do time. But, some are arrested over, and over and go back and forth to rehab, but not to jail. The latest fad is for the girls to wear short skirts with no underwear. Well, this isn't new. When Marilyn Monroe was entertaining the troops with Bob Hope, she as well as Ann Margret never wore panties either, so I have heard. They wouldn't do it in the states.

Movie studios pay the so-called-stars $20 million or more per picture, plus money from the Box-Office. Sumner Redstone, of Paramount Studios, woke up and fired Tom Cruise. That shook the shit out of Mr. Scientology. These exorbitant costs are passed on to the the public and we have to pay higher admission prices because of it. These rich people, who get all of the publicity, are mostly unknown identities to me. My movie going is practically nil. It's easier to wait for the DVD. With high definition, home theater is often better than the theater experience. The high admission prices, high priced candy and popcorn, popcorn that was 100% profit at $1. And often people talking out loud in the audience. Stadium seating has separated the closeness of being intimate with the audience, when they laugh, and get emotional together. I still enjoy the older theaters with seating that is close to one another. Wake up exhibitors.

-Bill Dakota

(link: Natalie Wood's Mysterious Death!


Blogger Marvin said...

I think you have done a great job and have read most of the blogs. I remember the great times growing up in Flint as well. And I remember a party at the Della Theater back in my salad days. We did not run in the same crowd but I remember you well. I remember attending your club on North Saginaw Street and the fun that I had there. We know many of the same people but since I moved from Flint many years ago lost contact with most. I am glad that I still have contact with a few to this day and count you among my "Still Around" contacts. Marvin

9:44 PM  
Blogger Gregory Boyd said...

I believe I met you late one night in the mid-80's in San Francisco. I was night manager of the CIRCLE J CINEMA on Ellis Street, owned by Hal Call. We sold magazines and a few tapes as well as the usual Poppers and a few toys Hal picked up here and there. Hal and I were good friends and when I spoke of your unannounced visit, he lit up like a roman candle. You popped into the store after midnight with a few copies of THE HOLLYWOOD STAR tucked under your arm. After a quick introduction and handshake, you showed me one of your editions. I'd never heard of you or the THE STAR before, but Bill- the second I saw those headlines on that cover I knew I could sell them! Without even thinking twice, I said I would buy every copy you had. You esdplained that you still had two more stops to make while in The City but you'd leave me all you could spare, then you were gone. You left us about 6 each of 4 issues, I think. Before they even went into Hal's office I immediately pulled cash from my pocket and bought the first issues right then and there. Hall kept a set for himself and we sold the rest the next morning. They were gone in mere minutes! For many years afterward I showed those tattered old tabloids to friends who "oohed-and-ahhed" of every salacious story and provacative pic. Eventually, I returned here to Wichita KS, formed and served on our local Pride committee and pulled of the first Pride Parade in our state. I also donated many of my old personal items -including two remaining copies of THE HOLLYWOD STAR- to our local archives. Today those archives are housed at Kansas State University's Brown Library holdings in the Bruce McKinney Gay/Lesbian archives.

I just wanted to say it's a delight to see that you're still around doing what you always did best! May current and future generations enjoy your work as much as I and our own~!

Gregory S. Boyd
Wichita KS

1:59 PM  

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